A Few of My Favorite Things - River Dark

What do you get when you mix hot demos with speed negotiation spiced with stories of scenes gone wrong? You get a fun, lively, and interactive class that is guaranteed to enliven your day. You get a smorgasbord of hot ideas for some badass play - and a chance to bottom for a demo of your choice!

Whether you're a Top looking for some perverted ideas, a shy bottom who always wishes they could get the nerve up to volunteer or someone who would like to fell more confident negotiating during pick up play, this class will have something for you.

From breath to pain to knives to fear, we will try a little bit of everything in this class that is meant to be just as much fun as informative!

Arrive early and choose the demo you would like to volunteer for off the demo board. Or grab one for your submissive and surprise them!

All About Gags! - Lew Rubens

Lew Rubens is a true gag fetishist and has been practicing the ins n outs of gagging (see what he did there?) for many years.

Cleave gags, ballgags, ring gags, mouth stuffing and tape gags, rope gags, LipLocker two girl gags and more. He will show you tips, tricks and safety concerning gagging your favorite victim. If you too think silence is not only golden but sexy, fun and sometimes practical, come join Lew in this fun class hands on class. And bring your gags!!

An Evening With Mr. Monster - Scott Smith

Letting your inner sadist out to play….

Blood Punching: Let’s make a bitch bleed! - Team Soup

Sometimes it's hard to decide between a rough body scene or a blood play scene. But why not combine them into a powerful new type of play? The journey will start with some knife play, a few cuts and then a variety of rough body play that's guaranteed to get the blood flowing.

This will be a primal, aggressive journey and is not for the weak-stomached.

Blush and Stammer - Miss Becca Bee

Oh, the wide world of erotic teasing! In this class, we'll be discussing and demonstrating erotic teasing, the difference between teasing, humiliation, and degradation, and ways I negotiate for it. There are lots of slippery slopes and minefields to be aware of, but with a little sass, and a lot of paying attention to subtleties, what fun awaits!

Captivity and Endurance - Scott Smith

The mouse is in the maze, now let’s make it run; unique goals and logistics of prolonged endurance scenes.

Catharsis: The Power of Release Through Play - Team Soup

There are times when you feel stuck emotionally. Those times when you need to get something out of you but you physically can't.

It is during these times that as a Top we can use our skills to help by providing intense sensations and experiences to evoke cathartic responses and help the person on the other end move past their emotional block.

This endeavor is not to be taken lightly by either Top or bottom as it can bring up some heavy emotional issues... think landmines to the nth degree.

CBT Strangelove: or How I learned to stop worrying and love the pain - Ming

Ah the cock....how I love thee!
I love to stretch it, and pull it, and pinch it and tie it.
I love to hit it, and twist it and poke it and pry it!
And lest I do not forget the balls
They are such a wonder and a delight,
When you stroke them and scratch them,
And step on them just right!
In this class we talk all things cock, how some folks like things others hate, how to tailor a CBT session to the person, and how to make a mangina with staples, clothes pins or super glue!

Cigars 101 - PandaLTA

The class will touch on cigar construction, sizes and shapes, proper cutting and lighting of a cigar.Proper care and maintenance of a humidor, Mold vs Bloom on a cigar. We will cover identifying a true Cuban Cigar and lots of trivia and fun facts about Cigars.

We will also touch on some aspects of cigar play.

The Classics Workshop - Lew Rubens

Learn why the classics ARE the classics. From the most basic spread-eagle positions to the Hogtie, the Frog tie, the Balltie and many more. Step up your skills in the intermediate "hands on" rope bondage class. Bring rope if you have it. If not rope will be provided.

Consensual Non-Consent: When 'No' means 'Yes' and 'Stop' means 'Harder' - Gearhead

A view into pushing yourself and your bottom. Getting to that dark place and still wanting to see each other after. Suggestions on how to deal with things when they don't quite go as planned. Demonstration focuses on how to push your bottom.

Trigger Warning: The class will start with a demo. Be forewarned.

Contracts? We Don’t Need No Stinking Contracts! - Ming

Well no one is going to make you to use this very helpful tool. But what I find when I hear resistance to contracts, is a huge misunderstanding of the meaning of them. Contracts are not about forcing someone to obey because they signed a piece of paper, and of course no court of law will enforce your dynamic. Contracts serve another purpose; to create a road map of the relationship’s core values, to solidify the agreed on goals, to detail each persons role, and it provides a way to mark and celebrate milestones along the way.

You don’t need to write a book here, The one I uses is 3 paragraphs, in outline form, but what it does do is help provide a compass to navigate when things start to go kapakai. Contracts in my world are living documents and not set in stone, but they do have the power of commitment and clear understanding. Some people think that contracts are not romantic, but that is not my experience, spending days talking intimately with your partner, discussing hopes, dreams and fears, as you co-create and map your lives together creates a very special bond, and supports each person understanding and committing fully to their role. In this class we will learn the tools to make up an awesome contract that serves the needs of all the people involved.

Creative Edge: Blood is Fucking Hot - Diana

Discussion on what about it gets us hot and bothered, its usage in penance/sacrifice and bonding.

There will be a live "demo" and it may be a little messy.... and finger painting with their soul.

Daddy's Little Urinal (and other adventures in water sports) - Mia

This class is for aspiring piss sluts or couples who are interested in adding this, often considered taboo, play into their kink life. This isn’t a ‘how to’ class for Tops, but if you are interested in it from the bottom’s perspective you are more than welcome.

We will cover a wide range of watersports and talk about motivation, power exchange, safety and eroticism. There will be tips for bottoms on how to manage, enjoy or suffer beautifully through various types of piss play. And if you are up for it, opportunities to do some do personal demos. Come with a full bladder or lots of water.

Discipline Under Duress: Forced Exercise - Disciple

Whether you're a trainer, in a D/s relationship, looking to widen your play repertoire, wondering how to mesh pain, play with fitness or simply curious about Forced exercise, this class will introduce ways to utilize the 3 and combine them into fun and deviant ways.

Topics will include stretching, warm ups, approaches, drills, utilizing whips, cane and flogs as motivation, working with individual and *multiple* people, developing focus, selecting effective exercise "tools", utilizing some common exercise implements and kink toys, metal restraints & gas masks and kinkifying common calisthenics into sadistic burpees, crunches, jump squats and more!

This is a class open to beginning and intermediate kink players both in top and bottom roles. A brief demo will be given and will also show ways to incorporate the above in kink scenarios including military, corporal punishment, interrogation to help enhance your play and develop the discipline under the duress in your subject.

Dungeon Stadium - Elwood

Five years ago, a man's fantasy became a reality in a form never seen before: Dungeon Stadium, a giant arena for fucked up shit. The motivation for spending his fortune to create Dungeon Stadium was to encounter new original fucked up shit, which could be called true artistic creations.

To realize his dream, he secretly started choosing the top fucked up people of various styles of fucked up shit, and he named his people fucked up tribe: the invincible people of fucked up shit. Elwood is fucked up. Dungeon Stadium is the arena where Elwood awaits the challenges of another fucked up person from around the world. Both Elwood and challenger have one hour to tackle the theme of the day. Using all their senses, skill, creativity, they are to prepare artistic shit never seen before. And if ever a challenger wins over Elwood, he or she will gain the people's ovation and fame forever.

Every battle, reputations are on the line in Dungeon Stadium, where fucked up people pit their artistic creations against each other.

What inspiration does today's challenger bring? And how will the Elwood fight back?

The heat will be on!

The Edge Of Madness: Fear and Terror Play - River Dark

We all like to talk about playing on the edge and about fear and terror play, but what are they? When is terror play the same as edge play and when is it a different animal altogether? That play which is most difficult for the bottom, which brings up the most fear, or is the most dangerous and unsafe, can be both terror and edge play. And yet terror play can also be the most safe and controlled type of play that one can create. Playing with phobias, playing with the dangerous, creating the illusion of danger, tapping into the emotionally dangerous all have at their center fear. This workshop explores how to negotiate terror play, while still keeping it as a surprise, some of the physical and psychological dangers of terror play, and specific ideas for scenes of terror, both physical and psychological. We will also go into what to do when things go wrong.

Energy Play - TG and Griff

We've all had those moments of walking into a room and being able to taste, smell and feel the energy that is present-that electricity that is palpable in the air that peeks our curiosity and draws us in. How does that happen? How can people-be it couples, friends and even strangers-share energy? How do we harness our energy and share it willingly with another person?

Whether you are a novice or experienced in the BDSM realm, adding energy play into your scene will deepen your connection and add intensity to your scene within your D/s or M/s dynamic.

Our energy play workshop will be a “hands on” experience. We will demonstrate and share several techniques that will enable you to heighten your sexual and scene experience.

Ethical Predation - Brett

Do you want your play to feel like violation? Do you identify as prey? As predator? Do you want to play in ways that honor those identities? Do you like your play to feel more like real felonies and less like pretend? Do you want to play dark games that push against or don’t work with moment to moment consent?

We have found ways to negotiate for relationships with imbalanced power and for sadistic pleasure. Let’s talk about how to navigate the murky and dangerous waters of predation. How can you hunt in ways that honor the agency of your quarry? How can you say yes to being prey, giving up the agency that feels good, but keeping the agency you need to be whole later?

Join us for a conversation, dipping our toe into this rich topic. Depending on the group, topics might include how to navigate the edges of informed consent and ethics for predatory play, what we are risking to play these games, motivations, evaluation of the tools we need, how to give and get informed consent, how to debrief, risk mitigation, debrief, how to create the right environment for the suspension of disbelief, or others depending on the group’s interests.

Fire Play 201 - Mech

Intermediate fire play featuring bigger fire and more fun with a larger variety of tools and fuels. This one includes fire play combined with needle play and blood play. Larger torches, fire floggers, blood cupping, combining fire play with needles, hair mousse as a fuel, and utilizing ignition/heat sources such as propane, flash ring, fireworks and incense. This is for the experienced fire player or one who has already taken the previous classes.

Fisting and "the Lemon Game" - Cat Maverick

A "hands on" fisting workshop for gals who enjoy fisting or want to try (and their partners) ...

Group Sex Demystified - Mia

Voyeur, exhibitionist or both, group sex appeals to us for so many varied reasons, and for every one of those reasons, there is a genre of group play to satisfy that craving.

This compelling and sometimes terrifying sexual practice seeps into many elements of kink and many people’s erotic psyche. Maybe it's the taboo of stranger sex, the idea of someone watching you and your partner, or being objectified for an audience that excites you.. whatever the motivation, group sex can be highly erotic.

This class will examine the broad definition of group sex, help clarify what we desire as individuals and explore how to get it.

We will discuss negotiation, safety, fears and obstacles, and gain tips on how to makes our experiences as hot and satisfying as possible.

Suited to those of all levels of experience and desire.

Grrrr I'm a Tiger - Cat Maverick

The pure snappy torture to be found in the creative use of this common office supply. For creative welts, CBT/vulva torture, and pure painful welty fun - elastics are one of the most useful lazy Dom toys that exist!

Humiliation Play: Speed Round - Miss Andie

In this class Miss Andie will go from one humiliation play demo to the next in rapid succession covering a wide range of demos from mild to extreme. The workshop will begin with a quick overview of humiliation play and move swiftly to the demos.

Need we say more?

I Must Have Taken A Wrong Turn At Albuquerque: Surviving Doms Disease - Ming

Is the Ds slipping? It started out so HOT! It was all you could think about, now you are wondering what happened? We look at who, what, why, and most importantly what can be don’t to fix it! Is your relationship getting a little stale, a little passionless and predictable? Are you wanting more romance and adventure, or even just the person you fell in love with back in your life? In this class we go over some tips and techniques to have you back in love and even taking it to the next level. By exploring a new paradigm of love and discussing love languages, participants will discover that the old vanilla programming can be harmful when trying to forge a D/s M/s relationship, and are offered new tools that will help them live in the dynamic of their dreams.

Introduction to Japanese Bondage - Panderus

The proliferation of rope in BDSM has been meteoric, and nothing has propelled this fascination than Japanese Bondage. Debates about the meaning of “shibari” and “kinbaku” abound, and it has all taken on a mystical element with discussions of the discipline’s ancient history and techniques.

The truth is that what people recognize as Japanese bondage is a recent development, and its mysticism has more to do with Japanese culture and aesthetics. This workshop looks at its actual history, and its ties to Japanese culture. But this workshop focuses on the techniques used by shibari performers, and outlines the basic methods for doing Japanese bondage. It provides hands-on experience and instruction for participants, and allows them to develop their skills as a rope top.

People taking this workshop will come away with a basic understanding of how Japanese culture and aesthetics are integrated into rope bondage, and basic techniques for doing Japanese rope bondage. Participants should bring a bottom to practice on, and the following supplies:

• Five thirty-foot lengths of 6mm to 8mm rope (preferably hemp or jute)
• Two fifteen foot lengths of 6mm to 8mm rope (preferably hemp or jute)
• A yoga mat or foam tiles so you can sit on the ground.
• A rope bottom to practice with.

Lazy Topping: A Sadist's View on getting more for less! - Gearhead

Working the sore spots otherwise know as, "lazy top buttons." Find what your bottom can't process and use it against them. How to manipulate a brat’s tendencies to your advantage. Demonstration: how to make your bottom scream and beg without breaking a sweat.

Let's Play Doctor! - The Lady Jodi

Interested in medical play? I bet you are! Medical play incorporates everything - naughty nurses, breath control, restraints, sharp objects, physical examinations, enemas, latex, shaving, D/s, diapers, fear - the list just goes on and on! Whether you are into pussy pumps, staples, or just the occasional chastity device, come talk and learn about some interesting ways to get edgy on the examination table.

Long Whips 101 - Guy

Come join Guy as he teaches how to long whips. Did you ever want to emulate the Circus Ring Master with his whip? Do you love the sight and sound of whips cracking? Bring your long whips (longer than 5 feet) and join us for an entry level class that includes a little theory and a lot of practice with long whips.

Long Whips 201 - Guy

Picking up where the 101 class leaves off, this class continues the lessons on whip throwing. We will be working on improving skills learned in 101 and linking different whip throws together to put together a whip routine. Bring your long whips and join us!!! Long Whips 101 is a recommended pre-requisite.

Making Pain Last: How to get the most from your bottom - River Dark

Are you interested in how pain works? Are you interested in how to better help your bottom process and cope with pain? Have you and your playmate ever wanted to go deeper physically, but instead reached a wall that you can’t seem to get past? Have you ever wanted to push a bottom past what they think they can take? This workshop is for sadists who want to learn how to extend and deepen the amount of pain their bottom can/will take. I cover physical techniques, psychological techniques and pain management skills as well as discussing the physiology of pain. Come explore the other side of the wall.

Mechanics of Fire - Mech

Why fire behaves as it does - In this class I will teach the attendees why fire is unpredictable and what elements of fire make it change. I will demonstrate how fire works when we do fire play on the human body and what is the safest play and what is most unpredictable. I will talk about fuels and additives, what is safest for dry body fire play AND what should be avoided

Protocol: 1000 Ways A Day, To Say I Love You - Ming

Walking the way that pleases me, talking the way that pleases me, standing the way that pleases me, serving my coffee just the way i love it. Now that is sexy!!! And for many edge play! In this class we will explore some great tools for introducing protocol in to your dynamic. And we will have some great exercises to create protocols that serve both people!

Religious Taboo Play - Sir Doug

While most have seen a nun and priest porn video, there is an incredible depth to religious taboo play that makes it one of the great underdeveloped resources for erotic edge play in the BDSM community. Far beyond the sometimes farcical porn scenes, the class will seek to explore the many ways of combining a more serious use of religious imagery and language of the religious life into a BDSM role play scene. Religious taboo play taps into that part of our human experience that is transcendent and outside the normal sphere of what we experience with our senses and can bring an intensity into a scene which few others types of role play can do.

Ritual Piercing - Diana

When we pierce the flesh, we bring out spirit/energy. By utilizing intention, technique, and the chakras, we can open up deeper connections both in our play and our power dynamics. As different body piercings can attune to energy center, we can also use them to empower ourselves and our relationships.

Rope for the Impatient - Scott Smith

Speedy, Secure, Sadistic, Says it All.

The Sacred Art of Firewalking - TG and Griff


Fire is one of the base elements in nature, along with earth, air and water. The word fire conjures up feelings and images for most people. For many it brings on very strong emotions from intense respect to intense fear. Fire is a very powerful element. Fire creates. Fire destroys. Fire brings warmth. Fire shows us the way in the dark. Fire is alive-it needs fuel to survive.

Walking on fire has existed for thousands of years within many indigenous cultures from Greece, China, Japan and Taiwan to Aboriginal cultures in North and South America. Walking the flames is considered a rite of passage within most groups, a way to test mind over matter, a way to heal oneself by essentially leaving behind what the individual wishes to rid themselves of in the fire, and symbolically walking away from it to create a new, more positive change. When you fire walk, you empty yourself of negativity. Watch it go up in flames; and fill yourself up with new energy and ideas and walk towards it. Just as fire creates new life by giving nutrients to the soil, let the fire nourish your soul.

Your viewpoint and perception of reality changes after you watch and participate in the ritual of a fire walk. It creates a unification of mind, body and spirit. Once you walk across fire, you find out just how strong your determination to assert mind over body can be, because in reality, the only thing truly stopping us from achieving our dreams and aspirations is our own individual mindset.

Focus on your intent. Take a deep breath. Walk the fire. Be the change you need.

Safer Fire 101 - Mech

This is a combination of a class on Safety issues and Fire 101. This a class on the dangers of fire play and how we can best mitigate them. My mission in this class is to train your mind in the prep needed to play as safely as possible.......No fire is completely safe!! Baby steps for small fire and it's safe use, including small torches using 70% alcohol, and flash cotton. We felt that our one hour classes were not giving our students all they needed so this is a two hour class.

Saline Infusion - The Lady Jodi

Get Swollen! Used for humiliation, eroticism, control, dominance, and just plain old fun! Want some big old balls? How about big breasts? Change genders for a day! Play Dr. Frankenstein on your partner. Take control and morph their body temporarily into the creature of both your immediate desires.

Scene Dynamics - TG and Griff

So you've learned all the basics like flogging, caning, bondage, and all the other cool things us BDSM folks do!

This intermediate class is about putting it all together and creating a magical dance combining pleasure and pain, sadism and sensuality resulting in a deeper more satisfying bdsm scene.

It will cover topics such as foreplay, creating the mood, how to create flow during a scene, different types of scenes, using all the senses, props. Most importantly how to create a stronger more intense connection with your partner.

Sounding and Catheter Play - Cat Maverick

Explore the many delights of sounding play on the urethras of both penis enabled and vulva bearing urethra's - sounding is fun for everyone!

This class will cover basic safety and clean / sterilization techniques for sounds, types of sounds, as well as techniques for sounding anyone that has a urethra. Urethral play is generally pleasurable for all genders and is safe and exciting when done cleanly and with care. Reactions to the sensations range from pleasant humiliation through stimulation right to orgasm inducing!

We will also cover safe catheterization for both sexes and discuss the fun that can be had by removing your bottoms control and decision making abilities around urination. Catheters are fun for humiliation, piss play, drinking urine, punishments, predicaments and so much more. A sample of the fun and games to be had will be discussed and hopefully a demo!

Spiritual Dimension of the Master/slave Dynamic - Sir Doug

There are many facets of the Master/slave dynamic but the one that is often ignored the most is the spiritual dimension. For a variety of reason, many have compartmentalized the spiritual part of themselves away from their M/s dynamic. This class will seek to explore and reclaim the spiritual dimension of the M/s dynamic through the means of incorporating the use of spiritual and religious imagery, archetypes, language, ritual, and other aspects of the spiritual and religious life so as to experience a unique depth and facet to that dynamic. The class will explore the transcendent part of the M/s dynamic, that part which is beyond emotional and physical. The spiritual dimension of the M/s dynamic explores such concepts as life, death, creation, ultimate power and truth and we will explore how this can lend itself to a unique depth and interconnectedness between the Master and slave.

SSC – Suturing Safely and Consensually - The Lady Jodi

Yes, medical suturing is a great skill for the ER. But what are the uses for the dungeon? Jodi will be teaching best practices for suturing. She will cover methods and items needed, and they might not be what you think! Discussion on areas to suture, fun games to play, and a demo. If you are interested in taking your play to the next level, don't miss this one!

Stapling - The Lady Jodi

Medical and Home Depot. Jodi loves to play Mad Scientist. She will show us one of her favorite tools - staples. You can use it for quick and sadistic decorations by using medical staples or take it to 11 and use a staple gun and duck tape. Oh yes, there will be blood!

Super Fluffy Needle Torture - Cat Maverick

Pokey screamy, ouchie bleedy! Welcome to needle torture.

Do you have a real masochist on your hands? Are you tired of wearing yourself out hitting them with things?
This class will allow you to torture them while sitting down! Needles can be used for so many things - but torture is a good one.

This class covers the basics: clean technique and safety... and then delves into wonderful ways to use needles for pain.

Explores needles of varying gauges, set ups for predicament bondage, genital torture, ways to utilize pressure and tension, evil twisty's, and so much more

Take Downs, Kidnapping and Abduction - Scott Smith

How to get them, how to keep them, and how to avoid being on the evening news.

Torture: How to Make Them Beg For Mercy - Brett

A great deal of BDSM education operates from the expectation that our sadism should be kept in service to the erotic desires of our bottoms. Torture flips this script.

We are often told there is no way to truly consent to these games and many of us, both those who create torture and those who suffer for it, experience judgment that the desires we have are inherently abusive. This workshop is intended to provide tools and a framework to access these dark needs and requires we check our judgments at the door.

We will discuss how to create scenes that cause misery and break the bottom through generating panic and emotional suffering. Brett will cover basics on how to employ meaningful negotiation and consent as well as special considerations required for these engagements. kai will offer a bottom's perspective on what torture and its aftereffects can mean for those who experience it.

We're starting with a demo, so be on time.

Touch of Kink Tasting Tent - MizTee and cindi

Try a sample, view a demonstration, & ask about various types of BDSM play:

- Flogging, Body Drumming, & other forms of impact
- Strike-Branding (aka micro-branding, devil's kiss, or cell-popping)
- Medical Staples
- Cutting & Suturing
- Needles
- Electrical

Bring your questions:

- Ask a Dom/Top, or ask a sub/bottom
- Munch/party expectations or etiquette
- What’s in a Top’s toy bag? In a bottom’s?

Spectators are welcome to pull up their chairs; this is an interactive space where everyone is encouraged to learn & share ... & unlike a Dungeon party, participants can be freely engaged in conversation or asked for feedback. An experienced bottom will be available for anyone who would like some mentorship, or to demonstrate their skills to a prospective play partner.

The Tent will be available during the entire event. Volunteer Tops & bottoms are encouraged to drop in & share their expertise, or schedule specific hours to be posted so you won't miss the opportunity to meet that whip Top you've been admiring ;)

Turning On Service - Miss Andie

Want to learn how to tap into the erotic side of service? Or perhaps you are looking to help Your bottom embrace Your desire for them to serve. Miss Andie is an experienced service slave and finds great joy in completing even the most mundane of tasks.

She will share her experience as a service slave and help the s-types learn how to eroticize service. For the Tops in the room she will discuss how to direct, accept and correct service in order to help their bottom find the joy in service.

Two-Fisted Impact: Florentine and Other Two-Handed Impact Techniques - Panderus

This workshop teaches two-handed impact play techniques using floggers and single tails. It assumes that attendees have basic skills with either floggers or single tails. Attendees will learn two-handed impact play techniques for both floggers and single tails as well as basic techniques such as double figure-eights, simultaneous impact, and Florentine.

Attendees will also learn how to evaluate techniques so that they can improve on their own. Attendees should come away with tools that they can use to observe, evaluate and correct their two-handed impact play.

This workshop focuses on hands-on experience and tutoring. Attendees will be given a chance to demonstrate their technique and have it assessed by both the instructor and by other attendees.

Under The Sole: The Eroticism of Boot Play & Worship - Disciple

The boot is a powerful iconic symbol of power, fetish, dominance, sex and submission. In Leather and kink circles, boots are often one of the first things many people take notice of. What is it about boots that draws people to them and in what ways can they be added into a scene?

In this class we will examine the attraction, from aesthetics to sexual.

What makes boots a fetish? We will cover ways to sexualize the boot and utilize it as an additional implement/tool.
Attendees will examine and shown how one worships the wearer, adding humiliation, offering gratitude, showing respect and devotion, hot Top/bottom, power & submissive positions.

Incorporating boots in play will follow, including head control, areas of the boot for playing safely, identifying target and erogenous areas of the body, stomping, rubbing, walking, scraping/abrading, licking, sucking & masturbation.

Verb My Noun - Miss BeccaBee

"You have nice eyes." "Those boots are really...hot." "Your knuckles look like they could do some great things, and you're flagging red on the left..." "I like buttery toast."

We all have different ways we flirt, and sometimes it just doesn't seem to quite get the point across the way we would like it to. Pickup lines are tricky, and lots of people are hot wired from their ears to their groin. Verb My Noun is designed for people closer to the "I like toast" style of flirting, but, everyone will get something out of mad libbing their sex life.

Waterbondage Demo - Lew Rubens

Come join Lew Rubens and his partner for this exciting and edgy look into the world of
watersports of a whole different kind.

Lew ran Waterbondage.com for 3 years for Kink.com and learned much about play in and with water in that time. Lew will share his tips and tricks for fun, safe and erotic bdsm play combined with water.

When Wrong Feels So Right - Exploring Erotic Taboo Play - Mia

Where is the line when it comes to kink and taboo? And is that where we start or stop? Is it still taboo if it is hot, or is it hot because it's taboo?

Let’s explore this complex topic together. Let’s get uncomfortable.

As someone who’s kink is primarily informed by taboo, it will be my pleasure to share my insight, and help the rest of group share and explore their relationship/s with taboo and kink. We will talk about how to bring our erotic desires to fruition and get clear on the ones that may need to stay in our fantasies. We will talk about triggers and responsibly and there will be an opportunity to participate in a bit of a demo.

Whip Like a Pro in the Dungeon - Jonn Ireland

This workshop is designed for those who have some familiarity with using a single tail and want to use a variety of techniques and also develop in depth scene approaches as well as have more expertise with a whip.

You will learn and practice various techniques. You will also learn several different ways to throw a Snake and Signal Whip that will become the basis of your scenes. You will also learn to use a Bullwhip or Snake whip for wraps and hard strikes to add spice to your Scene.

Learn normal and unusual areas to strike the body. Different positions to use in a Scene when you do not have a rack or a cross, also techniques for limited space (like a bedroom), and understand what is different when using bondage and whips.

Whip techniques can vary from brushing skin with the whip tips, to using the whip tip for cracks off and then on the skin, each one producing different effects on the bottom and being used in different places as the Scene progresses.

Attendees will also learn ways to practice for accuracy and intensity. The Scene can include Trance Whipping which may merge into relentless unending intensity, or may vary from gentle stroking to fiery rain, and then progress into painful, red welted stripes, depending on the intent and skill of the Top and the interests and limits of the bottom.

You're Sitting On My Drum - MizTee and cindi

A one-hour fun & energetic drumming circle ... using live drums! This sensual form of light impact play focuses on rhythm, so it's enjoyable to bottoms of all skill/experience levels. If you don't have drumsticks (or a matched set of something similar), there'll be some on hand to borrow.

Massage tables, blankets, yoga mats or sleeping bags can be brought for your "drum" to lay on.

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