Baggage? What Baggage? - Team Fluffy

We all come into our relationships with some baggage from our past life experiences.. Relationships thrive when a strong foundation exists. In order to lay this foundation we will discuss effective communication, dynamic evolution, how our life experiences fill up our “backpacks” and make us who we are. Once we have established this we can then explore how can we “clean out” our backpacks leading us to more fulfilled lives, both within our community and our relationships.

Beginning Bondage - Lew Rubens

Targeted to beginners or those wanting to emulate Lew Rubens distinctive style from the ground up.

Come join the fun with Lew as he teaches many of the basics of the joy of rope bondage. From what types of rope to use, to why tie someone up, to safety concerns and rope handling techniques and much much more. Be sure to bring your ropes to this energetic "hands on" workshop and be ready to tie or be tied...or both! Bring a partner/victim if you have one, if not we’ll try to pair you up with someone. Bring rope if you have it, if not it will be provided.

Blow Him Away - Mastering the Craft of giving Great head - Nudegirl

Whether you love it, hate it *gasp* or do it as a service, this class will explore your perspective on giving head. We will trouble shoot the pesky issues that get in the way of both parties fully enjoying themselves, establish the foundations of great head - including getting clear on your motivations and special skills, and learn some new tricks and techniques to add to your repertoire. There will be lots of opportunity for questions and discussion with the last 30 mins of class reserved for practice ( either on a partner or a toy of your choice ). The class is suitable for both singles or couples.

Catch Me if You Can - Knotty_Nate and BeautyfulFreak

Some bottoms are less than cooperative when it comes to getting bound and staying bound. They struggle, they fight, they untie themselves, they wiggle and squirm, and can be incredibly fun...and frustrating. This class and hands-on workshop will provide tools that can make wrangling these wriggling bottoms more effective including pressure points, wrestling maneuvers, rope placement, hojojutsu-based ties, and more. Please note: This class is designed for rope partners who have negotiated resistance play, consensual non-consent, brattiness, and/or eeling. These tips and techniques are not to be used on non-consenting bottoms.

CBT, cause he's just so manly - Diana

Let’s play with the squishy bits! Oh the joy to be had as we re-modify the source of his manhood into our play thing. We will go over the anatomy basics and concerns of how the penis and testicles function…..and then explore what possible fun can be had. Binding, teasing, predicament play, maybe we even lit something on fire….

Chemical Play - Knotty_Nate and BeautifulFreak

This course will provide an introductory overview of the use of chemicals in play. Topics to be covered include: safety and first-aid, agents, application. There will be a focus on naturally derived and readily available chemicals that can be integrated into all types of play. SSC/RACK/PRICK considerations will also be discussed.

Cigars 101 - PandaLTA

This course will cover cigar basics including the construction, wrappers, sizes and shapes of cigars. You will learn about cutters, humidors, lighting, pre-light rituals and rolling ash. We will include demos, questions and answers to enhance your experiences.

Collared and Poly - Ruin

Polyamory is the quantum physics level of relationships. Add a power dynamic to that, and you are now attempting to translate quantum physics into Aramaic. These are post-graduate level concepts we are playing with. So how do you do it? How do you take two advanced relationship styles, and combine them successfully, all while managing multiple partners, and metamours? Taught through lecture and guided discussion, we will look at how to set yourself up for success, surefire ways to fail stunningly, and what to do if the healthiest course of action is for the relationship to go through a transformation, up to and including a collar coming off. All are welcome to attend, regardless of relationship style or status. Monoamorous or polyamorous, key-holders and collar-wearers, owned or not, and everyone in between, bring an open mind, maybe some Kleenex, and chocolate is never a bad idea. ;-)

Correction, Discipline and Punishment - MissAndie

As a bottom, submissive, slave, pet, little girl, etc the idea of punishment can scare, excite or turn us on...but is that the point? Andie will look at the difference between correction, discipline and punishment. She will then move on to when and how each can be used effectively while maintaining and strengthening your D/s relationship.

This workshop will speak to both Tops when it comes to utilizing corrections, discipline and punishment and bottoms when it comes to accepting correction, discipline and punishment with grace while learning so they can avoid it next time.

Using personal stories and those collected from bottoms that were willing to share Andie will show how by using correction and discipline correctly one can avoid punishments that hurt both Top and bottom. Andie will also share strategies with the bottoms about avoiding punishments by communicating, learning as you progress and choosing a Dominant who is a match for their submissive style.

To end the workshop Andie will facilitate a discussion about the feelings and repercussions that arise before, during and after correction, discipline and punishments.

Decorative Piercing - Robyn

So, you have your basic temporary piercing skills, but you want to kick it up a notch, and are asking yourself, what to do? Well, join Robyn as she discusses, and shows, you various techniques for adding a little kick to your temporary piercing scenes. She will show you how to turn plain needles into paintbrushes that can turn your bottom into a piece of art! This is only a starting point, as the only limit in decorative piercing is your own imagination!

Edgy Edge Play! - Masikist

Fear, Horror, Creepiness how it all works into edge play!
Have you ever wondered why edge play instantly puts you or your partner into that special place of the here and now? That place where everything is in slow motion and all you hear is your own breathing and heart beating loudly, “Thump, Thump!”, “Thump, Thump!” Well, In this presentation, I will break it all down for you, I will lay it all out and we will do some fun and exciting experiments and discuss the reactions and explain the why and how behind it all!

All in the name of science, Of course! So bring your lab coats with your notebooks and lets get this party started!

Embracing your inner Humiliation Slut - Nudegirl

Erotic humiliation and degradation is a complex, creative and compelling form of BDSM. Considered edge play for some and integral to D/s for others, this topic is ripe for exploration.

As bottoms, how do we find the sweet spot were we can walk through the dark alleyways of our desires and come out on the other side sated and rejuvenated. How do we come to terms with any guilt or confusion attached to this often taboo form of play and clarify what is erotic for us? And how do we find ways to satisfy the hunger of our Tops without losing bits and pieces of ourselves to the gnashing teeth?

This class will discuss all those pressing questions, define humiliation play and explore our motivations around it. We will examine some of the more fascinating types of play, and discuss communication, boundary setting, negotiation and after care. Suitable for 's' types who have desire or experience in this genre.

Fear, Terror, and Dread - BrettH

A great deal of BDSM education operates from the expectation that our sadism should be kept in service to the erotic desires of our bottoms. Terror flips this script.

To genuinely scare out partners, we often have to elicit in them some doubt that we can be trusted. To create authentic dread, our partners have to wonder what we are capable of... or know and wonder if the time is nigh that we will access our darkest depths. This workshop is intended to provide tools and a framework to access dark desires and requires we check our judgments at the door. This is not a class about scenes that bottoms call fun nor that they usually enjoy when they are happening.

We will discuss how to create relationships where bottoms will dread playing with us and how to create scenes that terrify the bottom, often breaking the bottom through generating panic and emotional suffering. Brett will cover basics on how to employ meaningful negotiation and consent as well as special considerations required for these engagements. Brett will bring a bottom with whom he plays to offer a bottom's perspective on what dread, torture, and their aftereffects can mean for those who experience it.

We're starting with a demo, so be on time.

FISTING!!! Oh, the joys of filling that void! - Diana

Because everybody deserves to be truly filled! Anatomy basics and tactics on how to infiltrate that hole and make them take it all in.

Freak of Nature: Pervertable Greenery and Outside Play - River Dark

This workshop covers the use of things that grow in the woods, field and garden that can be used in SM play as well as ideas on how to incorporate them into your scenes. Can people have an anaphylactic reaction to nettles? Where do you get long stem roses with the thorns still on? Is it OK to tie someone up with ivy vines? What other nasty things can be found out of doors to use on your bottom? From birching to bamboo, from cedar bows to playing in the bush, come explore pervertible greenery and the nasty things you can do with it. Pacific Northwest only.

Hemp and Leather: Combining Rope and Impact Play for More Intense Scenes - Panderus

There has always been a divide between people who play with rope and those who do impact play. And while people may integrate both elements into their play, one will be more of an add-on rather than an integrated part of the scene. But integrating rope suspensions and impact play can elevate the experience for both the bottom and the Top to something that transcends those forms of play individually.

This workshop focuses on bringing the two together not as two phases of a scene but as an integrated whole. It introduces ways you can expand your skills as a rope or impact player, and integrate the other form of play into what you do. Learn how to maximize or minimize the stresses that rope and impact have on bottoms. Explore how to adjust your rope and level impact to extend your playtime. The goal is to give you the basic tools you will need to experiment, plan, and design your own ways for combining both forms of BDSM play.

Although oriented for Tops, bottoms will benefit from understanding elements that they should watch for when engaging in both rope and impact play.

History of Body Based Rituals - Elwood

Body based rituals, or rituals that involve putting the body through something “uncomfortable”, have been around for thousands of years and in almost every culture on the planet at some point. Many of these rituals are being brought into our modern culture in the form of hook pulls, suspensions, and various other practices.

Elwood will be going over a “brief” history of these rituals, from tribal practices to modern context in a presentation intended to help create an awareness of where we all come from in a tribal aspect and how it all fits in to modern thought processes and practices.

Elwood works best with a “conversational” style, so please feel free to share thoughts and knowledge around this topic in the workshop.

How to be a Prick and get under their skin - Diana

Intro to Needle Play! To cover skin prep, health concerns, set-up, needle holding and insertion, anchor points/buttons, how to incorporate other forms of play, energy work/exchange.

I didn't know I could do THAT! Finding strength in yourself you didn't know was there - PapaBear

How to unlock potential in yourself you didn't know was there, and how to turn what you thought were weaknesses into strengths.

Kinky Fun with whips! - Masikist

Are you tired of the same old left and right single tail shuffle?
Come out with Rose_Service H.O.R. and I, as we demonstrate some other ways to use whips to be artistic and kinky with a flair of danger thrown in to get the adrenaline pumping!

Living on the Edge! Straight Razor Play - Team Fluffy

Straight razor play can range from sexy to scary and all in between. There is an art to using and caring for your straight razor and we will show you some of the ways it can be done and the equipment you will need. From the service perspective caring for and maintaining an edge on a partner’s razor can be very rewarding. Shaving a partner can also be a very intimate act of service or maintenance. In the hands of a sadist it can be a very scary tool. We will demo how to shave with a straight razor and give you some ideas for play as well. Bring your questions and ideas; this will be an interactive class.

Plastic Wrap Demo - Lew Rubens

Have you heard about the new wave in suspension? There is a brand new way to use plastic wrap! It's NOT just for mummification anymore. Make a plastic spider webs in the woods. Hang someone from your local suspension frame in cool new ways. These suspension techniques are more comfortable than most rope bondage suspension too!

Also, ANYONE can do these suspensions!


Come join Lew to learn the basics of these techniques in this fun class.

Positions, Journals, Scening, Protocol, Contracts, Punishment, Honorifics and Ritual: The unique and amazing tools of power exchange relationships - Ming

Let’s look at our unique and amazing tools available to us in the BDSM world to forge a new type of relationship, one that is tailored to our core natural tendencies. Lets get to know them like a carpenter knows his hammer, a surfer knows his surfboard, and a dancer knows his body. This class will have super fun educational exercise that everyone in any type of relationship can benefit from. These are tools that vanilla relationships just don’t have and I want to teach you how to use them to create the best and most rewarding relationship you could ever dream of.

Pretty Young Things and Dirty Little Secrets: Navigating Sex in Age-play Relationships - Ruin

You have done the Disney movies, trips to the playground, coloring books, and story time. And while the thought of incorporating sex into your age-play relationship excites you, it also raises alarming questions. Am I a pedophile? and Does this mean I want to be abused? are common questions among age-players. Amidst the wide range of activities that fall under the BDSM umbrella, age-play remains particularly taboo, and comes under especially harsh judgment from those who do not understand it. In this lecture and guided discussion class, we will look at why incorporating sexual elements into age-play both freaks us out, and turns us on. We will explore how to cross the sexual boundary as gently or as harshly as you desire, while avoiding common pitfalls along the way. We will also address the reality of engaging in sexual age-play when one or both players are survivors of child sexual trauma. Whether you are a veteran age-player, just getting started, or simply curious about a facet of kink that you do not understand, all are welcome. Leave your judgments at the door.

WARNING: Assault survivors may be triggered by the content of this class. Please have a self-care plan in place.

Responsible Non-Monomogy - BeautyfulFreak

Descriptions and experiences in polyamory and non-monogamy. Answers the questions: What is poly? Do you love everyone the same? Do you date? What happens when you add someone to the mix? Covers topics including: time management in polyamory, communication styles, common poly pitfalls, and poly in society.

Sex + Violence: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together - Ruin

Without consent and adulthood, sex and violence are abusive acts, punishable by law. Between consenting adults, however, sex + violence = intensely hot playtime. But it is not always that simple an equation. Beside the standard issues of negotiation, safety, and aftercare, playing with sex and violence can cross into trickier territory:

Personal shame - “If people knew what I am really into, they wouldn't want to have anything to do with me.”
Insecurity about mental health - “Maybe I should see a therapist about this.”
Doubt about your partner - “How could they do that to me?” or “How could they consent to that?”
Assault survivor issues - “I must be really sick if I want to recreate my abuse,” or “They must still be really messed up if they actually want this.”

While there is plenty about the combination of sex and violence that titillates, there can be unforeseen complications during and after. Through lecture, guided discussion, and demo, we will explore how to have a fuckfest that will challenge the boundaries of our comfort levels, and still be friends - with each other and ourselves - in the morning.

WARNING: Assault survivors may be triggered by the content of this class. Please have a self-care plan in place.

Starting to Crack: An Introduction to Single Tails for Tops and Bottoms - Panderus

Enhance both safety and the experience. They will learn what to look for in a single tail and how to care for it. Issues about safety and sanitation will be covered. Participants will learn about positioning the bottom and making the session as safe as possible. Different whipping techniques as well as how to construct a scene will be covered. They will also learn how to evaluate a scene and work on improving their single tail experience. Participants should come away with tools that they can use to observe, evaluate and correct their single tail play.

This workshop will combine instruction with hands-on experience. Volunteers will demonstrate single tail techniques. All attendees will then give their assessment of what they see. In this way, participants experience the mechanics of single tail play and learn how to evaluate it.

Strangulation and Asphyxiation: A study in breath control - River Dark

Many people play with chocking and/or suffocation. Yet so often when we put anything over someone’s face that restricts the flow of air, or anything tight around someone’s neck, the cry “Breath Play” rings out as though it was murder most foul, or a universal safe word. Instead of lumping them together in a dark back room with “Dangerous Edge Play, Do Not Enter” written in blood on the door, let’s separate out these different strands and look at them in the light of day. What about them are unsafe and why? Is there anything that is safe about them and why? And, most importantly, what are some fun things we can do with them?!

Tantric Erotic Spanking - Jonn Ireland

This workshop will explode the myth that spanking is used only for pre-scene warm-up or punishing a naughty, little school “person”.

Students will learn that spanking can be sensual, erotic or Tantric and that both the ‘Spanker and the Spankee’ can reach new levels of physical and emotional intimacy through learning techniques, tools and approaches which can be specifically and sensitively developed and applied with their play partners. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice in class and observe first hand, negotiation and strategies to develop a Scene between partners who have never played with one another before.

Spanking can help foster a deeper level of connection with your partner and constitute a “Scene” in its own right. Psychological elements, negotiation, planning, techniques and tools specific for spanking, along with a little practice are some of the ingredients that make up this Workshop.

The Sweet Seduction of Kink… - Masikist

How to make Kinky sensual play Con-Sin-sual! There is a fine line between pain and pleasure. Join me as we will explore that line and take a trip to become habitual line crossers. Get all the people you play with super excited, give them the experience they really want, and learn how to get there with them. We will discuss many different forms of seduction, and practice different methods of connection that will guarantee to turn up the heat in a scene and get the blood boiling and the juices flowing!

The Tastings Tent - MzTee and cindi

The opportunity to sample, view a demonstration, & ask about various types of BDSM play:

- Flogging, Body Drumming, & other forms of impact
- Strike-Branding (micro branding, devil's kiss, cell popping)
- Medical Staples
- Cutting & Suturing
- Needles
- Electrical

A place to bring a variety of questions:

- Ask a Dom/Top, or ask a sub/bottom
- Munch/party expectations or etiquette
- What’s in a Top’s toy bag? In a bottom’s?

Spectators are welcome to bring their chairs & ask questions; this is an interactive space where everyone is encouraged to learn & share, not a Dungeon party or intimate scenes. An experienced bottom will be available for anyone who would like some mentorship, or to demonstrate their skills to a prospective play partner.

A very special Tastings event will be held Friday afternoon: your favorite Presenters & skilled local Tops will be offering samples of their awesomeness for you to try!
The Tent will be open all weekend, staffed by MizTee & cindi. Volunteer Tops & bottoms are encouraged to drop in & share their expertise, or they can schedule specific hours to be posted so you won't miss the opportunity to meet that whip Top you've been admiring ;)

Under Pressure! Erotic and Sadistic Pressure Points - PapaBear

The use of pressure points to enhance any type of scene in any situation, or as a scene itself.

Waterboarding - Knotty_Nate and BeautyfulFreak

Waterboarding is torture, and as such, it can also be a very effective tool for fear play and interrogations. It's scary; no, I mean really terrifying – waterboarding breaks almost everyone all by itself. We'll discuss inherent risks and risk mitigation, dungeon-friendly methodology, emotional considerations, and ideas on how to integrate it as a layer into a larger scene.

Waterbondage Demo - Lew Rubens

Come join Lew Rubens and his partner for this exciting and edgy look into a whole different world of water sports. Lew ran for for three years and learned much about play in and with water in that time. Lew will share his tips and tricks for fun, safe and erotic BDSM play combined with water.

What Kind of Bottom Are You? - MissAndie

Bottom, little girl, slave, submissive, boi … and the list goes on! Many of us s-type folks struggle to find the right “label”, the right fit to match what we crave, need and desire. Join Andie for this in depth look at each label including many variations, twists and turns.

Andie will discuss ways to discover which role suits you best and then encourage you to toss the labels out the window and create the dynamic that works for you!

She will share her personal journey from service Top to submissive to little to slave and how each role shaped who she is today, a very happy-masochistic-humiliation play loving-slave with Dominant tendencies!

When it’s not just Fun and Games: Playing on the Dark Side - River Dark

What about when it’s not “fun”? What about when it does not feel “good”? Is it Ok for a Top to inflict pain purely for their own sadistic pleasure without considering the needs or wants of their bottom? If a bottom accepts this are they abused and in need of an intervention? Is training just about teaching or can it be about remaking and forging the person into what you want them to be? Can “this is for your own good” be an acceptable reason? In this workshop we explore the darker side of S/M and D/s that does not fit the rhetoric generated for the vanilla world. Where safe, sane and consensual are not a creed but instead one way of looking at things. Where punishment is not funishment, where tears shed are not always from happiness or release and where there are not always safewords.

When Less is More: Partial Suspensions - Ruin

Partial suspension is often overlooked for its flashier and seemingly-more daring cousin, the full suspension. But look closer. A partial suspension frequently requires more strength from the bottom, while providing more flexibility to the top. Endurance, pain, predicament, control, and sex can all be incorporated into a partial suspension. But before you can have all of that fun, you must understand the responsibilities of the players. What does the rigger need to keep in mind that is unique to partial suspensions? What skills can the bottom use to stay strong in a partial? Ripe with demos, this class will address the components of safety, skills, communication, and creativity, while broadening your partial suspension horizon.

NOTE: This class will be presented in a lecture and demo format. All are welcome to attend, regardless of experience level. This is not a hands-on, how-to class. No rope or hardware required.

Whip Like a Pro in the Dungeon - Jonn Ireland

This workshop is designed for those who have some familiarity with using a single tail and want to use a variety of techniques and also develop in depth scene approaches as well as have more expertise with a whip.

This is a “Hands on Workshop” presented by Jonn Ireland, Whip Master of Seattle, so please bring your whips. I will also have a few whips from my personal collection for you to borrow.

You will learn and practice various techniques. You will also learn several different ways to throw a Snake and Signal Whip that will become the basis of your scenes. You will also learn to use a Bullwhip or Snake whip for wraps and hard strikes to add spice to your Scene.

Learn normal and unusual areas to strike the body. Different positions to use in a Scene when you do not have a rack or a cross, also techniques for limited space (like a bedroom), and understand what is different when using bondage and whips.Whip techniques can vary from brushing skin with the whip tips, to using the whip tip for cracks off and then on the skin, each one producing different effects on the bottom and being used in different places as the Scene progresses.

Attendees will also learn ways to practice for accuracy and intensity. The Scene can include Trance Whipping which may merge into relentless unending intensity, or may vary from gentle stroking to fiery rain, and then progress into painful, red welted stripes, depending on the intent and skill of the Top and the interests and limits of the bottom.

You don't always pick your slaves - Ming

I have been told that I have an interesting and unique take on looking at the power exchange partnership paradigm. And here is something I find really interesting, you would think that as the Dom I would pick them but it is not really like that, they pick me. I often find myself providing D/s structure for many different kinds of people in my life. I always find that each journey is unique. I personally am happy being Sir to some, Owner to my pet, Mistress to my sissy and my whore, and Master to my slave. In this class we will look at all the different paradigms out there, Daddy boy/girl, pet owner, master slave, top bottom Sir girl/boy, sissy Mistress, Whore mistress. What are things that make them different and what are the common threads to all D/s dynamics.

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