Renegade's Rendezvous 2017
August 1-6th, 2017

You asked for it, and it's here! Please join us in a gathering of our tribe in celebration of lust, love, and leather at a 6 day all-inclusive event where we can commune with others, play, eat, socialize, swim, soak, learn, be entertained, and celebrate!

What do you get with a registration to Renegade's Rendezvous?

  • A Camp site - yes, this IS a camping event
  • Workshops
  • Pool and Hot Tubs
  • Hot showers and flush toilets
  • All meals and snacks
  • Acres of lush land to wander and play in
  • Ample play space for both sex and BDSM

Come join us at the Rendezvous, and "Do the Voo"!

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